Football Predictions: A Few Tips

12 Oct

There are basic football prediction guides for best tips that you can have and these are intended for people who are starting on betting games. The first of the many rules in the guide is to bet with the money you can afford. Never bet what you cannot afford to lose. This may be the simplest but also the toughest to follow.

Everybody who has experienced gambling have in one way or the other fallen into this spiral, trapped in a scenario where they spent all their winnings and lost even their emergency funds. There is such a thing as a gambler's curse, you can win big time, you can lose but the long term effect is basically disaster.

The best and safest way to gamble is to have a limit with your cash from, if you win then you go home, if you lose, you do not withdraw and gamble but be contented and go home to play again the next day. The second rule is not to be so sure and confident of your strategy, in other words, do not be too clever. Always start your bet with the smallest single bet because as small profit will always be better than a sizeable loss. You must do your research such as how to place your bet, how to pick a winner and learning how the odds work, it may work for your favor or against you.

There are books on betting and you can read them in order to help you make the right decisions but this is gambling and any decision carries a fifty fifty chance of winning or losing but it does pay to be reading and making smart choices. Football betting is unpredictable, you will never know who will win but then again, if you are reading them you will have the advantage. Learn to bet on what you know and not on what you fell, check the statistics, the players, are there injured players, is the star player in good physical condition, who are the referees and the managers. If you want to learn more about football prediction, you can visit

The bookies will always have the upper hand and they know very well that a certain team has the better chance of winning because they have researched that the star player will be forced to sit the whole second have because of an injury or that the goal-keeper of another team is resting. Do the research about your favorite teams and learn to place your bets with the team that has more percentage of winning. Read more here!

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